Minecraft: Story Mode

PC game lets you set your sights squarely on epic adventures

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Minecraft: Story Mode is a new addition to the game series that takes the fun of Minecraft and turns it into a series of short episodes. Often called one of the top building games of all time, Minecraft is an open world game that lets you build items based on the bricks that you find and the objects that you unlock. The developers of two hit computer games created Minecraft: Story Mode for players who love the original game and those who like shorter and more episodic games.

The game takes you on a thrilling adventure and starts out with a trip to EnderCon. You learn that something went wrong and that terrors keep attacking characters inside the Minecraft world. If you cannot bring a stop to their destruction, they will eventually bring down the entire world around you.

While it sounds exciting, Minecraft: Story Mode really doesn't give players a lot to do. Much of what happens on screen takes place in shorter or longer cut scenes. You see your character interacting with others, but you don't have a lot of chances to do things on your own. Though it does come with some built-in challenges and puzzles, there aren't nearly as many as you would expect. It also does away with the building elements that made Minecraft such a success.

The developers of this game announced plans to release five total stories in the future, which includes the very first episode that you can watch now. Experienced players can finish that first episode in around two hours, but it may take three hours or more for others to complete. Each additional story will take around two hours to finish. Keep in mind that there is some wait time between episodes. Instead of letting you finish the story and game in one setting, you need to wait until the developers release the next episode.

Minecraft: Story Mode does contain some elements of a point-and-click game. You need to use your mouse to find and click on objects to keep the story going. The longer it takes to find one of those objects, the more time it will take to finish the episode. Though Minecraft: Story Mode gets good reviews from many players, some will find that it lacks all the things they love about other Minecraft games.


  • Turns the world of Minecraft into an episodic game
  • Provides up to 10 hours of challenging play
  • Has a fun story that builds on the Minecraft series
  • Comes with multiple stories that all work together
  • Suitable for players of all ages


  • Lacks some of the open world and free building elements of other Minecraft games
  • Many stories only last for three hours or less
  • Too much wait time between story releases
  • Only includes a total of five stories
  • Includes very puzzles, which will turn off some fans of the series

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